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Are You Able to Keep Money in Your Pocket?

By Mary Hixson, FCS Extension Agent for Garrard County

Does money burn a hole in your pocket? Does buyer’s remorse set in after a big purchase? Do you ever wonder how you can go through your money so fast and not have anything to show for it? Do you always have money left at the end of the month? Apply these questions to loved ones in your life and how do they answer?

Your spending and saving habits influence your ability to achieve financial security. You can change spending habits if you understand how habits are shaped and ways that you can improve how you handle your money. Keeping money in your pocket is easier to realize if you have a spending plan each month. You should know how much money comes into the household and how much goes out to pay regular bills. You and your family should set financial goals; short term, intermediate and long term. Savings should be a part of the plan if possible.

Before you spend your money, think through the decision-making process. Before you buy, ask yourself: what are my financial goals and priorities? Will this purchase help me achieve my most important goals? What are my alternatives to purchasing such as, borrow or do without?

How do you practice self-control when it comes to making money decisions? It does not come overnight, but developing self-control can be achieved by knowing your habits, setting goals and understanding your values.

For the past three weeks, Be Moneywise has been a series of lessons at the Extension Office. This week, Thursday, March 23 at 6:00 pm the topic will be on making a spending plan. Everyone is welcome; contact the Extension Office and let us know you are coming to ensure enough supplies. 792-3026.