Lexington, Kentucky
Release: 10-25-2019

Kentucky Women in Agriculture Awards 2019 Honors
Babette Overman of Lancaster was the recipient of the 2019 Kentucky Women in Agriculture
“Agri-Business Woman of the Year “award at the 20th annual conference held in Louisville
Kentucky on October 14-16, 2019.
This award recognizes an agency or Kentucky Women In Agriculture member who
encompasses creativity, ingenuity, and who is community-oriented in their business.
In receiving the award, Babette stated, “ To be recognized and honored for my agribusiness
is humbling. It has been said that to be recognized for work well done is an opportunity to do
more work. Those words are true and motivating. For my husband and I to grow and provide
the best and healthiest of Kentucky produce and added value products is one mission but
inside of me is the passion that the seeds that I sow each spring, the summer of caring for
and the bountiful harvest that I tend to in the summer and autumn, there lies my hopes,
dreams, and my future. Being the recipient of the Kentucky Women in Agriculture's “Agri-
Business Woman of the Year” has honored my wish to make my tiny piece of the gardening
world a better place”.
Babette is a District 8 member, serving as a KWIA Board member/Reporter and was elected
Vice President beginning in January of 2020. and is the Maiden America is a diversified
company she has owned for over 30 years and retirement years found her as co-owner
with her husband of Overman's Bluegrass Fruits and Vegetables, growing, processing and
selling produce and a line of Kentucky Proud added value products, throughout Kentucky.
Kentucky Women in Agriculture is a diverse group of individuals with ties to the agriculture
industry in the Commonwealth committed to empowering and recognizing outstanding women
across the Bluegrass who impact the agriculture industry, farming communities and strive for
a better quality of life.
Members include: Farm Owners/Operators, Agribusiness Owners/Operators, Agricultural
Entrepreneurs, State & Federal Personnel, Agriculture educators and students and
The work of this organization's members provide and promote educational opportunities that
advance the interests and welfare of its members. Serve and educate their members on
policy, legislative processes, and issues that are of concern to agriculture.
Throughout the Commonwealth, these women serve as a liaison between their members
and entities interested in the sustainability of agriculture and to prepare our members for
leadership roles in agriculture at the county, state, and national levels.
On a daily basis, Kentucky Women in Agriculture members promoting the involvement of
women in agriculture. Create a cooperative network with producers and consumers to
promote agriculture products and services and make a positive difference in the agriculture
industry in the Commonwealth.
If you are interested in learning more about Kentucky Women in Agriculture ( KWIA) or
becoming a member, please visit their website at: www. kywomeninag.com